C3 Propulsion is a company created with the development of innovative propulsion systems in mind.

Founded in November 2007, C3 Propulsion has been devoted to develop novel technologies and affordable solutions that find application in the aerospace, defense, and commercial fields. Our highly qualified staff has a vast expertise in developing novel technologies, in several fields, such as propulsion, propellant safety, and energy harvesting. We have successfully designed, built, and tested prototypes to demonstrate the feasibility of our innovative ideas. Our research has been government funded by agencies such as MDA and NASA. During the years we have also partnered with several universities and prime contractors, building an extensive network within the propulsion community.  


Our state of the art facilities...

...can accomodate multiple projects at once.


C3 Propulsion has built a unique set of facilities for the development of higher performance, low cost, and environmentally sustainable chemical processes.  Our building, comprising 15 000 ft2 of office, laboratories, and workshop space, is strategically located in Chelsea Industrial Park in Huntsville, AL, close to Redstone Arsenal, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and the University of Alabama Propulsion Research Center.

At C3 Propulsion we are proud to provide our customers with the most innovative, yet affordable, solutions, from concept, to prototyping, to testing.