Propulsion Systems

Future sub-orbital, near-Earth, and planetary exploration will require higher performance, low cost, and environmentally sustainable propulsion that enables lower cost access to space. C3 Propulsion is working on the development of green propellants and on constant volume combustion engines that push the limits of current chemical propulsion.

To satisfy NASA requirements for a Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV), C3 Propulsion has designed, built, and tested a Constant Volume (CV) combustion engine. This rocket engine is novel in that it applies a thermodynamic cycle unusual in rocketry applications.

C3 Propulsion and the Center for Green Manufacturing at the University of Alabama have demonstrated the feasibility of developing an Ionic Liquid (IL) gas generator.

C3 Propulsion has designed, built, and tested an advanced ionic liquid, controllable thrust monopropellant propulsion system, that utilizes low toxicity propellants and demonstrates enhanced performance.

The 'Next Generation Aegis Missile' (NGAM) is a key component of the Obama administration's Phased Adaptive Approach for missile defense in Europe.